i absolutely love being on my own. 

don’t get me wrong; i adore being out with my girls & hanging with the bf, but nothing & no one reenergises me like time alone does. i plan as much “me” time in to each week as possible – at least 2 or 3 weeknights & generally one full day on the weekend. sounds like a lot, maybe it is. but I know when I look after myself & consciously take time out, it allows me to be really present & fully enjoy social experiences & time around others without feeling drained & exhausted.

some people get this about me, & some don’t, & that’s ok. there’s so few people that i meet that not only enjoy alone time but plan for it like i do. in fact, when I mention my love for being alone, most of the time I get raised eyebrows, confused looks & different variations of ‘ooooooookkkkkkkaaayy’ (in a not so ‘okay’ tone).

but you see time moves slower when you’re alone, & even just 15 mins in solitude, away from distraction, can be a super productive time for you. when you’re next alone, waiting for a friend who’s (always) running late, or on your morning commute to work, don’t turn to facebook to find a distraction but utilise the time to recharge, be productive, do something you know you should do but never get around to. I guarantee you’ll start to love this time & even look forward to it!

below are some ways to really make the most out of solitude:

  • plan your day – think about the day ahead of you & get a head start on organising yourself for it
  • be present – look around you, take in your surroundings, notice faces/colours/landscapes/architectures/thinnnnngggs
  • focus on your breathing – take slow, deep breaths & watch how calm you feel afterwards
  • stretch out – maybe not on the bus to work, but when you have 5 mins, why not fit in a mini stretch sesh?
  • meal plan – search for new, easy recipes that you can try, so you don’t have to eat pasta & mee goreng noodles 5 nights a week
  • food prep – my fave. if time permits, try making one of those dishes in advance. whenever I know I have a pocket of time, I’ll whip up guacamole & slice up some carrots to pop in the fridge for work. if I have longer, i make banana bread or, old faithful, homemade chicken stock.
  • plan a break – you know all those places that have been on your bucketlist for like, foreverrrr? well book it in. look online for plenty of inspiration, make a plan on when & how, and go for it
  • declutter – I love this one. time alone is refreshing for the soul, but it can be just as good a time to refresh your surroundings too! grab a giant IKEA bag & fill that bad boy up with everything you no longer need & donate it to charity
  • read a book – I know. how original. but seriously, most people are more familiar with Snapchat than a good old paperback, so I had to include this one on the list
  • watch a ted talk – these are life changing 15-30 min segments. ted talks are intense, informative sessions by experts, educators, talented communicators, innovators (sorry, I’m rhyming) in their fields who can teach you more than anyone else could in that same time frame. trust me, just watch.
  • put on a face mask & take a bath – coz you deserve it babe!
  • finally, be grateful. consciously recognise the blessings in your day/week & be grateful for them. 

please let me know how you make the most of time alone!

lots of love xxx

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