it’s no secret I like a bit of peace & quiet in the A.M.

But I’ve never been a morning in, my brain never used to even function before noon (& two lattes), and some days it feels like I really only started to perk up at 11pm at night, you know, right around that time that normal people are heading to bed?

I wish I could say how much I’ve I’ve found the secret to becoming an “ohhh I’m always up at 5am” type of person & that I bounce out of bed each day like my jam just came on at the bar. But alas, that is definitely not the case.

I can however say that I am usually standing with both feet on the ground by 6.30am every single weekday – even if the only reason is because my partner has literally pulled me out by the legs (not kidding) & is physically holding me up in order to stand.

but I have grown to love the 2 hours of “me” time I get every morning before work. It has become divine & sacred & necessary to me, & gives me that drive to get my ass out of bed each day. it’s my time to spend with you; writing & lettering & pouring what I have onto my screen in hope you might see it on yours.

it does my soul a world of good to have morning stillness. solitude & shusssh.

enjoy your ‘hush’ time, whether it be at the crack of dawn or the quiet of the night


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