is it just me, or is anyone else suffering from the easter long wkend come down? you know, that feeling you get after spending the last four days drowning yourself in haigh’s chocolate bunnies, darrell lea rocky road, sparkling rosé & buttery hot cross buns? right as you were juuust getting used to the idea of a four day wkend, and then wham! back to reality.

but hey, at least it’s a gentle come down into a four day week, right?! I’ll cheers to that. I’d almost have another easter egg to that if I wasn’t so disgusted by the thought of having one more egg before easter next year.

no regrets though…the easter weekend was certainly indulgent, and I’m not just talking about the food (although the food was devine…anyone see the chia pudding pic above that my mother made?!).

it was a weekend full of time well spent – time alone, time with a girlfriend, church time, knitting time, time with the bf, blog time, & time with family. what more could you want?!

to me, as much as I love each & all of those times, in all honesty, my favourite is time alone. I’ve spent plenty of years feeling bad about how introverted I am – how much I need my space, how difficult I find it to be around others consistently for long periods of time, how much I prefer one on one time over dinner party time. and I’ve really struggled coming to terms with that part of me.

I’m one of three siblings and both my brother & sister are wildly extroverted. as is my father. it can do crazy things to your self confidence when you wish you were one way, but stuck being another.

at times of course it still gets to me…when I brought home my partner for the first time, i worried about whether he noticed the contrast between me and my other family members. it played on my mind that he might wish I was more like them too.

but of course, that’s ridiculous, he thinks I’m perfect!

not really…but he totally accepts me for who I am and I’m slowly coming to peace with how I am too. I have no problems dining alone, seeing a movie on my own or backpacking across europe as a solo traveller either – in fact I love it – and they are things I am very proud of. not everyone can say they enjoy that, or could even do that!

and the point of all that is to say..I did have an indulgent weekend, I revelled in that alone time & i’m grateful to God for that..among many other things the Easter weekend represents. I hope you too had an equally as wonderful long, long weekend. I hope you treated yourself, looked after yourself, and most of all spent the time doing something that made your soul happy.

happy easter again!


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